The best dogs for young families

Posted on 11 July 2016

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Thinking about adding a pooch to your clan? Here is our review of the best dog breeds for young families.

  1. Boxer

One of this breed's most distinctive qualities is its love for children. This  people-oriented breed prefer to have their pack close by and therefore make affectionate and loving companions. Another characteristic of the boxer is its energy, so it requires plenty of exercise and playful interaction - perfect for games in the backyard.

  1. Bulldog

Not everyone's cup of tea, but with many great advantages, the bulldog is sturdy, so it can just about take anything that exuberant children throw at them (literally!) While they’re not very energetic, the easy going bulldog will sit by and take whatever comes their way. 

  1. Beagle

These beauties require some pampering so if you don't mind a trip to the salon once in a while, the beagle could be the ideal dog for you. Energetic and friendly, they will likely wear your children out before long, a terrific advantage to help bedtime routines! Beware though - they do have a tendency to howl, so if you don't need added noise to your household, perhaps steer clear.

  1. Collie

One word - Lassie. These animals are smart. Short of preparing dinner for you and 4 friends, these pooches can learn just about anything. Their happy, social nature is also a big plus, although they do require regular maintenance on their long coat.

  1. Poodle

If you're considering a poodle, think carefully before going for the highly strung miniature version. Standard poodles are smart, gentle, and are suitable for children (or parents) with allergies, as they do not shed as much as other breeds.  

  1. Labrador

Remember Marley and Me? This very popular breed is also considered by many as the best dog for its playful, protective, loyal and loving nature.  

Whatever dog you choose, it will, no doubt, add more activity and personality to your home. A great way to teach your children about responsibility and care, make sure you consider the breed carefully. 

What dog/s do you have at home? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the best dog breeds for young families.

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