Should you wear maternity activewear?

Posted on 13 July 2016

When you first fall pregnant, you'll likely fall into one of two camps when it comes to dressing for pregnancy:

  1. This is a new purchasing opportunity! I'm going to buy maternity clothing by the bucketload and embrace this bump. 
  2. How much can my body really change? I'll just make my existing wardrobe work for me. 

Whichever bucket you fall into, there's one area of clothing where you'll really need to embrace your changing body (and one that's surprisingly difficult to find) - exercise wear. As your pregnancy progresses, you'll notice that your experience while exercising will be remarkably different to pre-pregnancy. You may sweat more, you may need a little more movement in your clothing, and the last thing you'll feel like wearing is a tight compression legging or your pre-pregnancy tights that dig in all the wrong places. In other words ... There are far too many reasons not to move your body. 

It's this reason alone that The Ten Active was born. To provide activewear that will grow with you and support you throughout your pregnancy - for however active you choose to be. Whether your exercise of choice is yoga, running, Pilates, barre, the gym or simply wandering to the shops for a chai - you'll be in good hands with The Ten. Our unique pants have been designed with: 

  • Lightweight, breathable fabric that makes it feel like you're wearing nothing, while supporting your body. 
  • A one-of-a-kind belly band that supports your changing belly. The belly band features our signature fabric, which grows and shrinks back with each use. The belly band comes after months of research, testing and refinement to work perfectly for: the early months to cover a subtle bump; throughout your second and third trimesters (yes, it will even cover a 40-week bump - ask our co-founder, Mel!); as well as post-pregnancy, when it will shrink back to support your post-birth tummy. Our belly band has been tested by women throughout and post pregnancy (as well as those who are not pregnant) and has met all of our rigorous testing requirements. Whether worn over your belly or folded down below your bump, it will keep your belly and your body supported exactly as you wish throughout your pregnancy and beyond. 
  • Beautiful, inspired designs that can take you from your workout to your daily activities. Inspired by the luxe activewear and athleisure trends sweeping the market, these pants are a far cry from daggy gym gear. In fact, we've ensured they can be worn with anything from runners and a singlet, to flats and a silk blouse. 
  • Colours and designs that are timeless, flattering and elegant. You won't find loud logos or trend-driven trademarks on The Ten Active's pants. Instead, you'll see designs that can be worn throughout as many pregnancies as you choose to have, that are timeless and can be worn for a variety of occasions. 

What do you love about The Ten Active? Tell us below, and shop the store here

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