The best books for pregnancy

Posted on 20 July 2016

When you're pregnant, there is no shortage of advice that gets thrown your way. Somehow the world of motherhood and pregnancy - whose doors were previously closed tightly - gets thrown wide open, along with a confusing, overwhelming array of information.

Heading to Amazon for a one-stop-shop certainly doesn't help, with more books on pregnancy than there are Twilight fan fiction (which is saying something). 

We asked our network of mothers to share their favourite books that will see you throughout your pregnancy, with as little overwhelm and stress as possible. So tuck into these favourites, and prepare to let the rest fall to the wayside. 

Up The Duff - Kaz Cooke
This is a real, funny and honest (yet also insightful) book about pregnancy. Read it to feel a little lighthearted, combined with some really helpful information and advice throughout your pregnancy.

What to Expect when You're Expecting - Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel
It's a classic for a reason. Don't be put off by the length (or read too far ahead - just take it section by section, for accurate, no-frills information about where you are in your pregnancy.

So You're Going to be a Dad - Peter Downey
Send your partner a hint and get him or her involved in the pregnancy, childbirth, newborns, and young children. It's inspiring and down-to-earth.

The Sleepeasy Solution: Jennifer Waldburger
If you just can't wait to figure out how to get your baby to sleep as soon as possible, this is the Bible (both of The Ten's founders swear by it). Warning however: it may get a little overwhelming if you read it while pregnant. (And of course, your baby will have no problems sleeping!)

Permission to Parent: Robin Berman
This is a modern day parenting classic, and is gentle in its approach, while setting some really wonderful foundations for bringing up your children. A must-read.

And what to avoid:
When pregnant with my son Isaac, I (Amy) devoured so many books that I thought I was completely ready for whatever my child would throw at me (ha). Some of them were brilliant reads, and made me excited about the perfect little child I would have, however in reality, some left me with a few unrealistic expectations. While I loved reading them, I would avoid the following while you're pregnant (and read them only if/when it comes up as an issue you'd like to address when you have baby in hand) ... French Children Don't Throw Food (too unrealistic!), Save our Sleep (too scary), and anything to do with extreme parenting styles ... You just won't know until you get there and meet your beautiful bubba. 

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