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The Ten Wrap



When breastfeeding our little ones, we searched high and low for an accessory that would allow us to feed our babies confidently and comfortably, wherever and whenever.

As firm supporters of the #normalisebreastfeeding movement, we certainly haven't been known to hide away while feeding (hello, nursing at the hairdresser, in carparks and in every cafe in Sydney's inner west). However, sometimes an occasion calls for a cover that can make us feel just a little more comfortable. (Feeding at the office visit with the big boss jumps to mind.)

Try as we might, the only feeding covers we found either resembled 1950s aprons, or were in patterns that we'd never be caught in outside of our pyjamas (and even then it would be a stretch).

So, our only solution was to make one.

Enter The Ten Wrap. It's everything we wanted in a feeding cover, right here now for you.

Simply throw it over your shoulders and wear it as a scarf during the day (that's why we've chosen neutral, flattering colours to complement every outfit). Time to feed? Just pull the wrap over your shoulders, pop your baby underneath, and nurse away. You can peek through the neck hole to watch or chat to your baby, and can enjoy the breathable fabric that's just thick enough to not be see-through. When you've used it for the day, simply throw it in the wash (as we've found it's also quite spectacular at catching those post-feed spit-ups that have always ruined an outfit. No more.) 

Available in Black and Navy, if you've been looking for a feeding cover that ticks all the boxes, you've found it. 

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