The ultimate hospital packing list

Posted on 12 December 2019

There's certainly no shortage of hospital packing lists online (in fact, we've also posted one before) - but we thought it was time to take it up a notch and get specific. Because when it comes to your third trimester, there are enough decisions you need to be making. (Names and birth plans, anyone?)

So we've made it as easy as possible - here is everything you need to pack (including links to products that we highly recommend) - perfect for the organisational master within. 

Firstly, we need to start with two bags:

  • Your labour bag 
  • Your hospital stay bag

Your labour bag
This is going to be a smaller-sized bag, which you can happily carry in to hospital while knee-deep in rolling contractions. Our pick? An overnighter like this one from Lululemon. 

In here, you're going to store everything you need for labour, as well as your toiletry bag (because there's likely some more space in this one). So now, what to pack

For labour:

Your toiletry bag (we recommend buying this set - which covers you off for a lot of your products - and using the bag as it's a fabulous size): 

Your main bag
This all depends on your hospital - including how long you'll be in hospital for, and whether they provide essentials for your baby. We've assumed a 4-night stay at a hospital that provides what your baby needs throughout your stay. Use your favourite small suitcase - ideally a carry-on size (it may seem small - but with this clever list - you can do it). Now, get packing:

And you're done! It may seem light-on, but with this super simple packing list, you'll be set with just what you need for your hospital stay - nothing more, nothing less. Is there a better way to pack!?

Good luck! X

Image via Gentry California.

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