The best exercises for pregnancy

Posted on 16 April 2016

Image via @lorana_yoga on Instagram

(Image via @lorana_yoga)

If you're accustomed to being active, pregnancy can come as a bit of a shock. What exercise is okay? What workouts are safe? What's best for your body and your baby to be? Here are some of our favourite workouts during pregnancy, so you can stay active, fit and healthy. (And that little bit of extra endurance certainly won't hurt during labour.)

Super soft on your joints and with the bonus of being relaxing, swimming is a beautiful way to move your body during pregnancy. Just take it a little easy (and remember that pregnancy can cause breathlessness, so don't stress if you feel out of breath after one lap!), and enjoy your peaceful time in the water.

If you're a runner, there is nothing wrong with continuing to jog throughout your pregnancy. Walking is sometimes even better, as it won't jar your knees or ankles, and will keep you fit throughout your three trimesters.

Barre workouts are gentle, but highly effective at toning. With some simple modifications, you can participate in almost all aspects of a barre class throughout your pregnancy. Avoid twisting, jumping and crunching abdominal exercises, and always tell your teacher, as they will be able to help with modifications. Barre Body has a brilliant introduction to pregnancy modifications, as well as an Online Studio that has workouts you can do at home. 

Yoga is fabulous for stretching, toning and building strength, as well as the mental benefits that come along with deep meditation and relaxation. What's even better is that most good studios hold prenatal classes, so you can rest assured that the class will be appropriate for you. We love Egg of the Universe, for their beautiful classes and kind, considered teachers. 

Of course, to workout during pregnancy for anything but swimming, we recommend feeling and looking your very best with a pair of maternity activewear leggings by The Ten. 

What workouts have you started or continued during pregnancy?  

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