3 Steps to Creating a Positive Postpartum Mindset

Posted on 20 September 2020

My body is full of life, my body is powerful.

My body made me a mother.

It’s come to no surprise that women face enormous pressures every day when it comes to expectations around physical appearance. New mums are not immune. Rather than focusing efforts on the ‘bounce back’ we need to remind ourselves that this body created and nourished a life. That’s pretty incredible!

I overheard a conversation in the airport car park pre-COVID that horrified me. A new mum with her baby in a pram was picking up her friend who had just flown in. As her friend hugged her and stood back to take it all in, she exclaimed...

“OMG!!!! Look at you! You are SOOOO tiny. There is like NOTHING there. You are SOOO tiny! I can’t believe it! You look AMAZING!! Her effusive gushing continued for several minutes. My heart sank. I’m sure she meant well, but to me her words were like knives. Why do we praise and validate each other on our physical appearance? Especially postpartum? We can’t we just say you look healthy and happy? Our success as mums, daughters, partners, workers is not based on our weight.

This postpartum mindset needs a good booting! Our bodies literally rearranged organs to bring another life into this world, so maybe my “mum tum” is pretty impressive too.

Rather than making it about getting my old body back, I now focus on moving through life a new body – one that created the cutest baby in the world!

Say it with me ‘My body rocks! It created this gorgeous baby!’

I embrace my postpartum body and feel empowered by it. In the words of Heidi Powell “If you’re not taking care of yourself, then no one else around you can be properly taken care of’”.

How could I possibly nourish this perfect newborn if I’m not healing myself. So, I’ve started with saying goodbye to the pressure!

The female body is astounding and needs to be celebrated rather than forced to shrink back to a certain size. With this I remind you to repeat a mantra to give yourself a break and find contentment with your body the way it is.

I will accept that my body may never be exactly the same after birth, just as my heart with never be the same. Both are a blessing.”

Your body is powerful mama, don’t forget. Remember this when lifting car seats, strollers, carrying and nursing your baby; keeping up with crawlers, runners and climbers and juggling everyday life.

You got this.

Even now more than ever self-care is important so here are some COVID-friendly tips to implement into your daily routine.

Set daily goals

It’s okay if the only thing you did today was make it through to bedtime. But starting each morning with a to-do list of goals for the day is the perfect way to boost motivation and keep active throughout the day.

Start off small and breaking down what can be achieved quickly and what can be more time consuming. The satisfaction of crossing off task can make a day at home feel more productive. Ensure you have reminders to take care of your body: drink water, go for a walk.

planner and pen on table beside coffee in cup

Dress the part

Instead of squeezing into your old clothes, find staple items that fit to your new body that are stylish and comfortable. You’re in excuse!

Dressing up maternity tights while you run daily errands will keep you feeling comfortable and chic all day long.

This is why we LOVE our maternity tights. Sustainably made with recycled and eco-friendly fabrics, woven from discarded fishing nets and post-consumer plastics. Whether dressing up the Anna tights with a loose shirt and boots for the weekend or the Ally for pre and post-natal classes, thier flexibility and functionality make them a wardrobe staple!

Woman sitting on bench wearing the Ten activewear black leggings with a white blouse

 Treat your body well

Reminder: You’ve just created life! Are you taking care of your body? Eating healthy and keeping active will have you reminding yourself everyday how strong and powerful your body is.

Take 10 minutes in your day to release some endorphins and do a quick workout! Check out our IGTV on Insta for at home workouts.Woman in The Ten activewear pushing pram on seaside esplanade

Go for a walk! Take advantage of the Spring and get out in the fresh air. Walk down to your local café, take the kiddies to the park or even just pop the headphones in and power walk through the neighbourhood.

Keeping active in the afternoon is the perfect way to boost energy, motivating you into your night routine!

And please ladies, let’s not use comments about physical appearance to validate new mums. As one of our favourite influencers, @southernishmama has said, “the only person’s weight you should be concerned about during the first year postpartum is YOUR BABY'S".

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