Should you find out the gender of your baby?

Posted on 03 June 2016

Should you or shouldn't you find out the gender of your baby? It's the universal question that polarises couples, induces passionate rants from well meaning friends, and will likely keep you up at night. 

At The Ten - we are a mixed bag. Mel found out that Ted was a boy, and left Annabel to be a surprise. Amy found out that Isaac was a boy, and would find out as early as possible for any future children (cue 'Control Freak' comments). 

While there is definitely no right or wrong answer - here is our non-passionate, reasonably objective list of pros and cons for each scenario.

Benefits of Finding Out

  • You can get organised! Clothes, nursery ... Every possible purchasing opportunity is sorted.
  • You can avoid disappointment. As much as we all wish for only a healthy baby - chances are, you may have a smidgen of a preference for a particular gender. (Particularly if you are already a mother and are hoping for certain gender for your next child.) Finding out in advance can ensure that you don't have that unanticipated level of disappointment when your baby is born. (Because at that time, you'll have enough to deal with.)
  • You may bond better with your baby. In fact, some women with a tendency toward postnatal depression are advised to consider finding out the gender of their baby in advance, so they can begin picturing their child, and can start forming what feels like a more real relationship with their baby, while in the womb. 

Benefits of Keeping a Secret 

  • It's an enormous reward! 40 weeks is a long time. Of course you look forward to your baby being born, but having that extra little spark of suspense can sometimes be enough to keep you going throughout those long weeks. When your baby is finally born, it is hugely exciting to find out his or her gender.
  • It can generate suspense among friends and family. Aside from offering a myriad of advice, there is nothing well-meaning friends and family enjoy more than guessing the gender of an unborn baby. Aunts come out with old wives tales, grandmothers claim to have special powers ... It's a fun time and can get everyone involved in the excitement. 
  • They can get it wrong! It does happen ... Occasionally, those ultrasounds can be wrong. And can you imagine the dismay when the baby is born? If you don't find out, you reduce that risk entirely. 

What did you decide? And why!? Tell us in the comments below!

Gorgeous image above via Sprinkles for Breakfast.

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