What to pack for hospital to give birth

Posted on 13 May 2016

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There are a million different checklists that aim to prepare expectant mums for labour and delivery. As such, it would be no surprise for any mum-to-be to feel overwhelmed by what to (or not to) take to the hospital or birthing centre. We hope that these simple tips and items might help to simplify and ease your mind leading up to the big day.

1. Bundle Bags (
Hospitals provide a list of toiletry items that mums will require during and after the birth. At the risk of leaving half of the items in your bathroom when the excitement starts, you could purchase it all yourself OR you could simply buy a bundle bag. This genius company has bundled them all up for you in a convenient little satchel to make your life a LOT easier. The 'Mum Bundle' includes all those little, yet essential items such as maternity and nursing pads, breast discs, lip balm, hair products and body lotion and their chosen products are premium, luxe and the best on the market. We think this is a bundle worth buying!

2. Nice Pyjamas 
After the ordeal of birth, you are going to want to wear something soft and comfortable. By day, our  leggings will be perfect for your hospital stay with a lovely soft and loose fitting top. By night, you will need some lovely pyjamas. Look at Country Road or Pappinelle and treat yourself to something gorgeous.

3. Bonds Zip Wondersuits
These are simply the best and easiest baby outfits around. Ease into the challenge of dressing your gorgeous new arrival with these all-in-one suits, which not only size correctly for newborns but come in gorgeous prints and a variety of fabric weights, not to mention that genius zip-straight-up for easy and no nonsense nappy changes.

4. Hand Steriliser
Choose something that smells gorgeous. We love the Aesop Resurrection Hands-Free Hand Wash. You and your visitors will be using it by the truckloads.

5. Phone, phone charger and iPod
Don't leave home without them! You will want to spread the news like wildfire when you have some to tell so make sure you have your phone and charger on hand. Also, some ambient music during birth might help to distract you from the pain of contractions (or at least make you feel a little better), so get your playlist sorted now.

6. Paper and Pen
You will have things you might want to record such as the people who came to visit and what they brought. We think the old school paper and pen will always come in handy!

7. Food
Depending on your birthing experience, you may or may not want food during labour. One thing is for certain though - you WILL want food afterwards! Some wholesome snacks and drinks are certainly not going to be wasted (even if it's just by your significant other). Consider items like coconut water, nourishing and delicious oatmeal cookies and fresh fruit.

8. Shopping Bags
These are practical yet necessary in getting everything home - you will most probably accumulated flowers, gifts, oh and a baby!, so you want to ensure that you can carry everything as easily as possible. Take some shopping bags to make the trip a little quicker.

Have we forgotten something or do you have a genius tip? What's on your 'to pack' list?

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