The Best Gifts For New Mums

Posted on 25 May 2016

Image via Huggies.

If you've ever given birth, you'll know that the gifts that make their way to your hospital room or home go a little something like this ... Gorgeous newborn onesie ... Beautiful muslin wrap ... Cute little socks ... Stunning bunch of flowers. 

While we'd never say no to any of these thoughtful gifts, the reality is that many of them simply will not be used. (Because a mum will either receive 400 of the same thing, or that gorgeous little baby will live in singlets and nappies for the fist 6 weeks.)

So if you're keen to give your friend something that will be really useful and thoughtful, here are the best options!

Glamorous they're not, but useful - it doesn't get much better. The amount of nappies newborns go through is borderline outrageous, so it will be a huge relief to new parents to never run out. 

A Cleaner
It's a rare (but amazing) woman who will say yes to an offer from you to clean her house. However, send her a professional cleaner, and she'll love you absolutely forever. About week 3-4 will be heaven. 

A Laundry Service
Drop over (preferably not non-announced) and pick up the family's washing. Don't make a fuss, don't stay for coffee - just dash in and out, and rejoice in the fact that you're the best friend ever.

We've said it before and we will say it again ... There is no better way to show someone you love them than by cooking for them. Or if you're not so keen in the kitchen, opt for one of the many services that offer pre-made or ready-to-cook meals. We love Eat Fit Food, The Dinner Ladies and The Cook's Grocer.

Something for HER
You know your friend better than anyone else, so think about what she would love. Is it a bottle of her favourite wine? A new nail polish? A selection of tea? Showing your friend that you're thinking about HER (when so many people are thinking of her new baby) will be a true gift. 

Flowers - Many Weeks Later
Flowers are always beautiful to receive, however in the days immediately following a birth, they can become overwhelming. That said, after a few months postpartum, visitors will dissipate, and flowers will be the last thing on your new mum's mind. Send her a bunch of flowers (even better - in a vase) to brighten up her day. 

What did you appreciate most when you were a new mum? Tell us in the comments below!

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